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Empowering Lives is a 3-fold conglomerate that consists of Counseling and Consulting, a Global Academy, and a Foundation. Counseling and Consulting entails therapeutic services for insured and paid clients. The Global Academy provides Christian counseling, a discipleship program, premarital counseling, seminars, workshops, conferences, and speaking engagements. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides services and resources to those who are economically disadvantaged, based upon qualifications.

About Empowering

Our business philosophy is built on our top priority of caring for the needs of others and getting involved with their positive transformation. With mental disorders on a steady rise, the field of counseling, coaching, consulting and mentoring services is steadily growing. Our goal is to provide national and global reach to individuals, children, and the entire family of all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities, searching to improve their individual and family lifestyle.

About Empowering About Empowering

Our Goal

The goal of Empowering Lives Global Academy is to provide cutting edge training, development, and leadership that will educate, train, mentor, and develop individuals, couples, and families with a clear focus on the realization of purpose and potential. We put plenty of focus on the importance of results, which comes from sharing our knowledge and expertise which is proven to help improve communication skills, strengthen self-esteem, and uncover hidden potential through counseling, seminars, workshops, and individual sessions.

About Empowering

Founder And CEO

Angie L. Woods is a native of Swainsboro, GA, but presently resides in Columbia, SC. She is the Founder and CEO of Empowering Lives Global Academy and Empowering Lives Counseling and Consulting, LLC, which are designed to empower & educate individuals, families and marriages by improving communication and coping skills; mentoring; strengthening self-esteem, promoting behavior change and optimal mental health through counseling, coaching, seminars, podcasts, and workshops. Under the academy, she has launched a bible teaching program called Discipleship with a Therapeutic Twist.

Angie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from DeVry University in 2014 where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is also a graduate of Liberty University where she received a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2018. She is a Certified Marital and Premarital Counselor and a Certified Franklin Covey Diversity Counsel Team Building Facilitator.

Woods is an advocate for discipleship and mentoring. Her God-given purpose is to empower people and develop leaders and she was licensed into ministry in 2001. Throughout her tenure as an Elder, she has served as a Teacher, Builder, Membership Manager and Conference Director/Events Manager. She graduated the Kingdom School of Ministries with Dr. Cindy Trimm in 2018. She also completed the Executive Life Coaching program at Trimm Institute of Global Leadership in 2019. Angie currently serves as Elder alongside Pastor Andre’ L. Gambrell as a Global Partner, Teacher and Builder with NLC3 Ministries by way of virtual church through the online broadcast during a global pandemic.

Woods volunteers as a mentor at Midlands Middle College for 11th and 12th graders specializing in leadership development and relationships. Angie is also the Event Organizer/Logistics Director for Miracles in the Midlands, Columbia, SC, helping the less fortunate in the community.

Angie has been married to Charles Woods for 33 years. They have one son, Michael.

My overall purpose is to empower people and develop leaders.
Empowerment Specialist is who I am, Empowering Lives is what I do.

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